About Us

Niel Jayasinghe, President

Inspired by the craftsmanship found in historic homes, in 1998, Niel Jayasinghe had a vision of a home building company, in the heart of Houston that would build high quality homes for less money throughout Houston, while still providing exemplary service to its customers. Now, after almost 20 years, Niel’s vision, ANC Homes, is still going strong. Niel has 30 years experience in the construction industry; 3 years as a building inspector, 3 years as a construction project manager, 10 years as a structural engineer, and almost 20 years as a Houston home builder. Niel has a BS in Structural Engineering, a BS in Construction Management, and an MBA.

Diane Cass, General Manager

A driving force in ANC Homes family is Diane Cass. Diane has been in the home building industry for 20+ years and enjoys watching the homes go from dirt to development. Diane is the General Manager  with extensive experience in complex designs and logistics, coupled with aggressive schedules. She has overseen a number of developments,  utilizing best management practices to successfully carryout projects from pre-construction to turnover.Diane is working on her bachelor’s degree, in construction management, from UHD. Her attention to detail helps her make first time home buyers feel at ease and comfortable. She will walk the new buyers through every step of the planning/ selecting/ and closing of their new Dream Home. She thoroughly enjoys all aspects of the home building industry and thinks the Heights is a great place to work and live. She has a degree in computer electronics and is a Licensed Real Estate Professional.

Elizabeth Garcia, Office Manager

We welcome to our family one of our newest members, Elizabeth Garcia as Office Manager. In 1995, she earned her bookkeeping certificate from Texas State Technical College in Harlingen, Texas. Utilized her training in her first job as office assistant for a mobile home sales office. She spent time working in customer service full time and did the bookkeeping for a childrens daycare for several years. She decided to go back to college for her associates Degree in import/export where she worked with an exporting warehouse. Once again she decided to go back to college and get her bachelor’s degree. And while in college worked part-time at a law office. She moved to Houston in 2009 in search of better opportunities for her daughters. Once in Houston she partnered with Texas Permits and learned how to read structural plans to expedite construction permits at any city or county. She worked with John Moore in 2013 as permitting clerk gaining extensive knowledge. She is here with ANC Homes doing the two things she mastered along her academic life, bookeeping and permit expediting.

Martin R. Pelaez, Purchasing Manager

Martin R. Pelaez has 8+ years of experience in purchasing department.  His past experience as a buyer in the industrial and manufacturing sectors has helped Martin progress in the procurement business.  He completed Technical School in Argentina and received a diploma in Mechanical Technician.  He is bilingual and fluent in reading and writing English and Spanish.  His sophisticated negotiating skills and management skills are an asset to ANC Homes.

Chuck Weber, Senior Project Manager

ANC Homes is pleased to bring Chuck Weber into our family. Chuck brings over 30 years of construction experience in management and sales.  He has worked with many of the major home builders in the greater Houston area.  He has built more than 300 homes ranging from the track industry to the custom home market, with values up to $1.25 million.  His experience includes managing multiple crews and maintaining sub-contractor resources, scheduling, inspection and on site instructions. He is knowledgeable of local building codes and city requirements.  He has been involved in the design stages of outdoor structures.  In his career has worked closely with architects, engineers and designer in the development of this projects. He values the strong client relations and producing a quality Product.

Mark Mangum, Construction Supervisor

ANC Homes welcomes Mark Mangum to our family. A thirty year career in residential and commercial building projects which included custom homes, major remodel/renovations to community developments. During this period, also held a sales position with a national insurance brokerage firm and specialized in the contracting industry. Value of residential projects ranged from $ 250,000 to $ 2.4 million for single homes/remodeling to a $ 4.7 million development of two town home communities located in Houston, TX.